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What Others are Saying

"Simply put, Lauren is a rockstar in the personal finance community. What makes her advice so refreshing is that she actually practices what she preaches - this mom of four paid off $40,000 in debt and then went on to become a media mogul. What's more inspiring than that?"

"Lauren Greutman has the real life experience to help the everyday person pull their financial and home life together, with everything from budgeting and couponing tips to meal planning and recipes. She is an expert at the quick, easy ideas that will make an immediate impact in your life."

"Lauren Greutman’s personal journey of overcoming debt is a powerful story that inspires others who face similar financial struggles to take charge of their spending. She offers a relatable perspective on managing any budget, saving money and making better buying decisions. Her own success is instrumental in conveying to consumers how much can be achieved with hard work and determination. "

"Time to change your spending ways? Get ready! Lauren is your personal, go-to guide. She knows the steps it will take to break your bad habits and achieve real financial success."

"Lauren’s personal experience with getting out of debt is truly inspiring. What’s even more inspiring, though, is her willingness and ability to take what she’s learned and to share it with others in the hope of helping them lead better, more financially secure lives. "

"There are countless personal finance "experts" out there, but Lauren's honesty, smarts and genuine commitment to helping other families blast through this overcrowded space. It's no secret to her business's quick rise: it's Lauren."

"Lauren’s story is one that needs to be shared. Her ability to overcome a spending addiction and dig her family out of debt is truly inspiring and should serve as a motivational guide to others who are struggling with their own money issues."

"Lauren is the friend everyone needs in their corner. She's been there before - in debt, raising a family and overwhelmed. But she figured it out and now shares her insider knowledge with all of us. Lauren provides actionable and easy-to-follow steps in a non-judgmental tone. She's an inspiration and, after reading her work, you feel like you've made a new friend."

"Lauren Greutman doesn't just teach random theories. She has lived what she shares and knows what she's talking about. Do yourself a favor and read this book. "

"Lauren inspires families across the country to live life well without putting their finances at risk. Her writing is fun and engaging and the fact that she teaches through her own life experiences makes it all that much easier to relate to her advice."

"With searing honesty, Lauren Greutman admitted that she and her husband sprinted after the illusive American dream and fell flat. She transformed herself into a renowned expert on frugal living who shares her knowledge and tips without scolding you."

"Lauren Greutman is a guru who’s been there and lived to tell about it. No soundbites, no cliches, just helpful, digestible advice."

"There's a reason why Lauren Greutman remains a leading voice the in world of smart financial living. She walks the walk, and brings a wealth of personal experience everything she teaches. She's smart, resourceful, and uses her actual life story to help you rewrite yours for the better!"

"Lauren's message is as infectious as it is inspiring. Debt is overwhelming, but Lauren truly knows how to connect with her readers in a way that will inspire success through simple step-by-step actions. Getting out of debt is possible for anyone and Lauren has been teaching audiences exactly how to do it by employing real-world, smart spending strategies. As a fellow consumer expert, I'm in awe of the enormous audiences Lauren has been able to reach with her message."

"Lauren makes it her mission to inspire families that have been buried and lost in their own finances. Too often the world of finance leaves these families behind but thank goodness for Lauren's expertise in taking control! She uses her real-world experience in learning about money to help others to stop racking up debt and learn to live life to the fullest, not being afraid of money, debt, or the conversation about both. "

"As an Emmy Award winning national talk show producer who's booked thousands of guests, Lauren Greutman stands out as an all-time favorite. Her personal past struggles with overspending and her ultimate solution to return to solvency financially is truly remarkable."

"There's a reason why so many people turn to Lauren Greutman for advice on smart financial living. She walks the walk, and brings a wealth of personal experience everything she teaches. She's smart, resourceful, and uses her actual life story to help you rewrite yours for the better!"

"The Recovering Spender is a compelling and definitive resource for those looking reclaim their financial lives. Lauren Greutman has given us a meaningful and important book that demystifies complex financial ideas into understandable nuggets. These pages sparkle with Lauren's humor and passion."

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